Guaranteed GARANTIA quality

100 % recyclable

The tank material is 100 % recyclable. We attach great importance to durable product design, right from the product development stage. They are produced in state-of-the-art production facilities. This ensures that environmental impact is minimised in the long run.


With their closed tank shapes or integrated covers, GARANTIA decorative tanks are strictly childproof.

Assembly accessories included

Each tank is supplied together with suitable assembly accessories. These may include an inlet seal, a plant fleece for plantable rainwater storage tanks, and wind protection for tanks installed against walls.

UV resistant

The plastic tanks are protected against sunlight for a long product life. Exposure to UV light is minimised.


A rainwater tank is exposed to the weather and extreme temperature fluctuations. Suitable materials designed to withstand these conditions ensure a long-lasting attractive appearance.

Threaded connection

A standard 19 mm (3/4") threaded connection makes the tap (accessory) easy to fit without drilling. The tap provides a simple means of drawing off the water.

Convenience connection

Additional connection for drawing off water with the universal hose set (accessory) and for emptying residual water before the frost period.

Integrated planter

The integrated planter tray with convenient removal and a depth of 20 cm allows for individual design with all 2in1 rainwater storage tanks.

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