Downpipe filters

GARANTIA® minimum maintenance and self-cleaning downpipe filters for the connection to the rain butt or above ground rainwater tank.

Rain collector Speedy

The installation champion - Installed in 5 minutes

The ideal solution for downpipes with a small diameter, e.g. in summerhouses and carports

Filling device Mini grey

The slim version for big roof areas. Up to 200 m²

Regendieb Pro grey

Installed in 5 minutes

Rain collector Rapido

Rain collectors and downpipe filters - for maximum water quality

Rain collectors and downpipe filters to suit a wide range of requirements: The Speedy rain collector connects your water butt to the downpipe in just 5 minutes. The Pro downpipe filter, can be used for roof areas of up to 200 square metres. The internal filter of the GARANTIA® downpipe filters and rain collectors deliver outstanding water quality and feature an automatic overflow inhibit.

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