Multi-purpose – aboveground belowground and basements. The Herkules tank with the incomparable price-performance ratio. Groundwater-stable!

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Herkules tank
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Herkules rainwater tank


  • Multi-purpose – aboveground belowground and basements
  • Aboveground: The Herkules Tank is easy to install in your garden. Combined with the established GRAF downpipe filters it’s a perfect way to harvest rainwater.
  • Underground: Combined with the applicable accessories the Herkules Tank can also be installed underground. The tank is groundwater stable up to the top edge of the tank.
  • Basement tank: Due to its size the Herkules Tank fits through a standard doorway (≥ 80 cm). Therefore it’s ideal for basement installation.
  • Awarded product of the year by the German Trade Association for Plastics Processing (FKVV)
  • Fast connection (assembly is effected without screws)
  • Long life due to solid profile packing (lifetime proven over 25 years in laboratory tests)
  • Can be extended as required. Volumes of several 1,000 l are possible using preformed connections and connection points
  • Easy to transport due to low weight and practical size


  • For rainwater harvesting in house and garden
  • For frost-proof installation in the ground (not suitable for vehicle loading) or overground installation in the garden or cellar (fits through every standard door ≥ 80 cm)
  • Can be installed in groundwater and stratum water up to the top edge of the tank with an earth covering of at least 80 cm

1,600 l

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  • Support pipe

    for underground installation


  • Suction pipe (floating)


  • Tank dome DN 200 Herkules-Tank

    with telescopic end 1 metre (3,3ft) to be cut on demand


  • Cut-out tool DN 100

    with pilot drill


  • Cut-out tool DN 70

    with pilot drill


  • Interconnect Pipe Set DN 100

    without cut-out tool. Consisting of 2 special seals DN 100.


  • Interconnect Pipe Set DN 70

    without cut-out tool. Consisting of 2 special seals DN 70.


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