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Winter check
These measures ensure that your rain tanks are ready for winter!

Monolithic rainwater tank with tank dome and PE-lid.


Cristall rainwater underground tank 1600 and 2650 ltr for pedestrian loading

  • Monolithic rainwater tank with tank dome Ø 60 cm and 1 lip seal DN 100.
  • Inclusive telescopic dome shaft, with adjustable length from 47 to 95 cm, Ø 60 cm with 3 lip seals DN 100 and PE-lid double-walled with childproof protection.
  • Only one cover visible in the garden as the filter technology can be integrated in the tank.
  • Groundwater stable up to 50 cm from the tank bottom part.
  • Pre-drilled lip seals for easy and safe installation.
  • Simple installation of overflow and ductwork.
  • Can be expanded at will.

1,600 l

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2,650 l

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  • Supra filter package for Cristall tank


  • Water Connector external


  • Rondo water spring unit


  • Wood water spring


  • Granite water spring


  • Stone fountains Roma


  • Stone fountains Venezia


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